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Frances Law
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Frances Law lives and works in Scotland.  She is a Fine Art graduate from Glasgow School of Art.

Microcosmic, interior worlds lie at the core of Law’s work. Investigating the processes and rhythms of nature her sculptural paintings deal with abstract, physical and metaphysical issues. Observing the mysterious grace and natural beauty of shells found on the beaches of the tiny Hebridean island of Iona, Law, through the medium of light and dark employs a classical approach to composition.  By magnifying and isolating shells against neutral backgrounds she gives her work the minimum of ambient context allowing us to concentrate our gaze on detail isolating shapes not specific to shells alone but which can be found in the natural world at large.

Her work has been shown extensively in many group and solo exhibitions in the UK and internationally. She has won numerous awards including the coveted Aspect Prize in 2010.  She is currently producing two site specific exhibitions for the Charles Rennie Macintosh Society in Glasgow during a year of events celebrating the societies’ 40th anniversary in 2013.