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Charity Exhibition in aid of the Camden Psychotherapy Unit

CPU is a mental health charity offering long-term, free and low-fee psychotherapy to the London community. We have been established since 1969 and have been able to help thousands of people to receive psychological help.

Since the NHS withdrew its funding in 2011, our charity has been commitment to fundraising to continue its activities. We are a small team of 7 part-time psychotherapists and psychoanalysts and 22 volunteer trainee psychotherapists. We are able to see 170 people on average each year. Our commitment is to offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy to anyone who needs it regardless of their financial situation. Access to psychotherapy through the NHS is increasingly limited, whilst the need for psychological help has increased greatly, especially in the last few years.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources including trusts, individual donations, conferences, art events and auctions. In the past, we also succeeded in receiving support from the National Lottery.

Sheridan Russell Gallery is organising this event to help raise money for the expansion of the chariteies services. 

Participating Artists
Marie Ackers, George Antoni, Adam Binder, Aimee Birnbaum RI, Denis Bowen 1921-2006, Dorothy Brook, Richard H Chapman, Mel Fraser MRSS, Louise Giblin MRSS, Lucianne Lassalle, Jean Noble RI SWA, Stephen Page, Alain du Pontavice, Qi Qing, Sue Rhodes MRSS, Simon M Smith, Johannes von Stumm PPRSS, Andrzej Szymczyk and others.

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