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Aimee Birnbaum RI SWA

Aimee Birnbaum  RI paints dancers in otherworldly settings which speak to the undergrowth of subconscious desire. In her primeval forests, Arcadian landscapes and magical glades souls flower, trees sprout breasts and hold hands and animals seem to speak. Her dancers could be ancient goddesses, woodland spirits, or figments of her imagination. At root is a physical vigour, sensuality and evocation of movement. As a dancer herself she knows how it feels, her muscular memory informs the anatomy of fleeting movement.   

Recent exhibitions include “Déracinements I and II, 2019 and 2020 at Institute Français de Thessalonique; Byzantine Museum, Veroia, Greece 2019; Royal Academy of Arts 2018 and 2020.


She is the artist member of Chromatikon Art/Music Synthesis collective. Upcoming exhibitions with Chromatikon include Lithuanian Embassy Litvak Days Festival ( October 2021), Îs Arti Festival Kaunas,Lithuania ( November 2021) and Kaunas Capital City of Culture 2022.


Aimee works with Aurea Capra publishers who published in 2020 “The Passage of Time”, a musical score by Jonathan Slade illustrated with her paintings.

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