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Annie Heyworth

Heavily influenced by her successful   artist parents Annie trained at The St Martins School of Art.

At the age of nine, she won first prize at the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood (now the Young V&A) with a three-dimensional sculpture inspired by a doll seen in V&A.

During her foundation year at St. Martin’s, pursuing a Fashion and Textile Design her affinity for the "miniature" persisted. 

 The genesis of her paper dresses sprang from an inherent yearning to engage in three-dimensional work. These dresses have revitalised my connection with sewing, pattern cutting, and textiles, simultaneously igniting my passion for sculpture, fashion, and miniatures.

 “I find myself surrounded by aged books teeming with captivating imagery, rediscovered mementos from childhood, threads, extraordinary papers sourced from across the globe, and my cherished pair of scissors.” 

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