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Guy Stephens MRSS

I graduated from Chelsea School of Art in 1994. I was enrolled on the Fine Art Painting Degree but much of my time was spent developing multi media projects, using video, photography, performance, installation and sculptural techniques. After graduation I was involved in various creative projects employing many of these art forms.

In 2001 I taught myself to work with stone.  Stone allows me to express myself both conceptually and physically. As a sculptor, I want to do justice to the potential and energy in a piece of stone. I have a rough idea, and then let it happen, seeing what I can make the stone do. Giving a heavy, solid thing my aesthetics without disturbing its inherent beauty, nature and energy.

Most of the time I do not know what the result of my physical labour will be; shadowy reflections and echoes of forms move in and out of focus in the stone as I work. I resist the recognisable, but the finished sculpture always seems to have some part of an unintended object or creature that has crept into the abstraction without me knowing.

I am most happy when this process reveals the odd or playful. Forms I did not know were mine become reality in stone.

I love discovering and sourcing my material, it has taken me to people and places I would otherwise not have found or thought of visiting. I hope to give the viewer or discoverer of my work the same sense of voyage, process and emotion I have felt in its creation.

My work has been seen on the BBC, ITV and received coverage on the


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