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Lucianne Lassalle

Born in Paris in 1960, Lucianne has travelled widely working and exhibiting in Canada, USA, Europe, London, and the south East and West.  

Lucianne works directly with a variety of clays but mostly stoneware. Her work is then either fired or cast into bronze, resin or cement. She will often bring stone, metal or wood into her work fascinated by the juxtaposition of the diverse qualities of different materials.


That which has engaged Lucianne mostly in her work is the human form and the energy therein.  On seeing her sculpture one is struck by the beauty and powerful expressiveness of the form and its inherent flexibility as a vehicle to inspire.


“ In the tension, movement and sheer life in the craft of Lucianne Lassalle there is a feeling of anticipation that asks a question of you every time you see it.” 

Jeff  Pirie, Collector


Lucianne says “I see the human body as the interface between the mental, emotional and spiritual stuff inside us and the external manifestation of this ‘stuff’ in the world.  I am fascinated by the beauty of the human form, impelled and inspired to make art from it”

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